Villa Marie Claire

Palliative Services and Integrative Therapies

Villa Marie Claire provides a peaceful, welcoming environment for residents to spend this chapter of life's journey with dignity and comfort, enabling patients, caretakers and loved ones to function as partners. To ensure this, a key aspect of resident care focuses on fostering a pain-free existence through symptom management and supportive therapies.

In addition, integrative therapies that instill physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are an important adjunct to the medical care provided. With the help of Villa volunteers, residents may participate in art and pet therapy and receive massages, aromatherapy and Reiki treatments.

During this phase of each resident's life, the Villa Marie Claire team recognizes the importance of also caring for the caregivers. It is in this spirit that staff members provide support and counseling services to residents' loved ones.

The Villa is a place to stop by on your journey. We will strive to enhance the quality of each moment for the residents and their loved ones by bringing about calmness while alleviating anxiety, fear and restlessness. What we've created here is what we would want for our very own loved ones."

- Charles Vialotti, MD
Medical Director of Villa Marie Claire

An Interfaith/Intercultural Educated Healthcare Team

Villa Marie Claire provides a team of healthcare professionals from various disciplines who focus on pain and symptom management so all residents are comfortable and calm.

Led by specialized physicians and advanced practice nurses, the staff consists of medical, nursing and allied health professionals including dieticians and physical therapists. They work in tandem with social workers, spiritual counselors and bereavement counselors trained in interfaith and multicultural traditions, offering sensitive, personalized care that honors every individual's faith path and cultural mores.

By incorporating physical, spiritual and psychosocial elements, Villa team members help to ensure residents' wishes are realized. They also serve as valuable sources of information, support and comfort for loved ones.

"The Villa's interfaith, intercultural approach is very important to our mission. When you enter our sanctuary, it becomes your sanctuary. It is a place where you can just 'be,' regardless of your beliefs and culture. Our interdisciplinary team is educated on interfaith and inter-spiritual traditions, which helps those who are apprehensive about coming to a hospice setting to feel understood and to experience peace."

- Charles Vialotti, MD
Medical Director of Villa Marie Claire