Villa Marie Claire

Emphasizing Quality of Life

As long as there is life, there is hope. Hope means different things to different people but it can readily replace despair. Regardless of where you are on your journey of life, you can find healing and comfort.

At Villa Marie Claire staff members and volunteers recognize that death is a natural part of life and advocate "living the journey" by providing resources, tools and a compassionate presence accompanied by culturally sensitive care and respect for all religious traditions. Participation by all key members of the residents' support system, including family, significant others, caregivers, neighbors, even cherished pets is welcomed and encouraged. The emphasis is on quality of life, rather than length of life.

It is a misconception that hospice hastens death. In fact, hospice residents often live longer because of increased physical comfort and well-being from the holistic care of body, mind and spirit, and the sense of relief that a burden has been lifted from family members and loved ones. Hospice frees patients from intrusive medical interventions, repeated ER visits and unnecessary hospitalizations, allowing them to be present in the moment and live for today.